Hemp Oil for Dogs, Is Hemp Oil good for Dogs?

hemp oil for dogs

There is a huge increase in demand for hemp oil, both for humans and animals. It is highly nutritious and environmentally friendly.

Hemp Oil for Dogs. 5 reasons why it is good…

  •  1. Hemp Oil contains GLA – Gamma linolenic acid – the body converts GLA into substances that reduce inflammation and cell growth. It is good for dogs with arthritis, poor skin and skin allergies plus older dogs. 
  • 2.  The right balance of Omega 3: 6. Hemp oil naturally provides the right balance of essential fatty acids. Many scientists believe that the balance between the fatty acids is equally as important as the actual amounts of them.  
  • 3. Hemp Oil contains both vitamins E & A. These are important antioxidants that support the immune system. The vitamin E within hemp oil also serves to protect the oil and prevent it from going rancid. 
  •  SDA – The rising star in the ‘omega 3 world’. SDA is easily converted to EPA in the body, and therefore offers many cellular benefits. (EPA is the major anti-inflammatory fatty acid) 
  • Clean, Raw & Environmentally friendly – Hemp plants are grown without chemicals and pesticides, so they produce a very clean and natural oil. The seeds are cold pressed. This preserves the delicate omega 3 oils which are sensitive to heat. Hemp plants are very environmentally friendly. They put more into the soil than they take out, the plants are great CO2 consumers and nothing goes to waste. None of the more common oils, such as linseed & fish have such credentials. 

There is little wonder why Pure Devon Hemp Oil is our best seller! 

Hemp Oil for Dogs:

For best results, just add a little hemp seed oil to your dog’s usual food on a daily basis.

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