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The Little Feed Company has been created to provide an artisan-style alternative to the major feed manufacturers. Your animals’ health and the quality of our ingredients is the core of our business.  The Little Feed Company supports local producers, choosing British ingredients where possible and environmentally friendly packaging. Provenance is important to ensure ingredient quality and ethical production.

Our products…

The Little Feed Company selects the best ingredients, and manufactures its products in small batches to ensure quality and freshness.    Manufacturing is performed by a local Devon company with the highest quality assurance standards (UFAS & BETA NOPS approved) This is important for preventing contamination and ensuring product safety.

The Little Feed Company specializes in producing unique products for owners who wish to support the health and vitality of their animals in a natural way. We carefully combine herbs, feed ingredients and nutraceuticals to give real results with no harmful side effects.

Our environment…

The Little Feed Company is passionate about the environment and limiting the impact we have upon it.  We therefore work hard to reduce our packaging waste and use of plastics.  To date, every cardboard box and piece of packing we use when posting parcels has been  re-used. We collect up packaging from local businesses that would otherwise have been thrown away and give it another use. We hope that some of our packing goes on to be used again and again!  Afterall, it is only ‘single use’ if you use it once!

We are also committed to reducing the amount of plastic we use in our business. Unfortunately, as a small facility, this is very difficult for certain products, especially liquids. At the moment, alternatives are few and far between but we will keep trying. We already use bio-degradable pouches for several of our feeds.  If we all work together to reduce our impact on the environment, we WILL make a difference.

We are registered with Trading Standards and fully insured.

Devon is already renowned in the food industry for the huge array of locally produced, quality and speciality foods for humans, so we felt it was about time our animals also benefited from this wonderful heritage!

About our Founder  – Hermione Perry MSc

The Little Feed Company About Us

Hermione was riding before she could walk! Brought up on a small farm in mid-Devon, animal care is in her blood. After gaining a degree in Biology from Exeter University, Hermione (& her horse!) crossed the border to Wales to complete a Masters Degree in Equine Science, where she specialized in equine nutrition.  For the last 19 years, Hermione has worked in the equine supplement industry,  formulating products, advising customers and sourcing unique ingredients. Her work has sent her to places as far away as Dubai, but Devon is where her heart is, and where she lives with her family (and other animals).

Says Hermione…’After working with some of the industry leaders, now is the right time to launch my own range of animal health products.  I feel that many large manufacturers have lost their way, focusing on producing more products in the quickest time for the greatest profits. By keeping it small, The Little Feed Company  can focus on the fundamental aspects of animal ownership – providing our horses, pets and animals with top quality, natural nutrition, helping them to regain some balance and lead a happy, healthy life in a world which is far different to the one they evolved for.

I am in a unique position – scientifically qualified with huge commercial experience but with first hand experience of  the joys & trials of owning animals. My current menagerie includes horses, chickens, cats, a dog and some guinea pigs. Like any owner, I have had my fair share of vet bills and first hand experience of laminitis, sweet itch, box rest, azoturia etc. (You name it, and one of my horses has probably had it!)

I am really looking forward to sharing a range of natural, high quality and unique products, of which I am hugely proud.

If you have any concerns with the health of your animals, it is always important that you contact your Vet as soon as possible.

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The Little Feed Company
The Little Feed Company
🎃🎃Ever thought that your Halloween lantern is such a waste? 🎃🎃

First you throw away all the seeds, and after the kids have had their night of fun you have a perfectly good pumpkin going to waste (all be it a pumpkin with a spooky face!)
Rather than throw them out, try feeding them to your dogs, chickens & horses!….

🐶🐶 Pumpkin For Dogs:
Pumpkin is a great addition to your dogs diet. It is high in fibre, low in calories and dogs love the taste. You can either steam or boil the flesh and mash it before feeding, or roast it with the skin on and just scoop out the flesh before feeding. Pumpkin is particularly good for dogs with sensitive tummies. Feed 1 – 4 spoon fulls per day, depending on the size of the dog. Always introduce gradually.

Pumpkin seeds are reputed to be an excellent natural wormer for dogs (but this is lacking scientific research). They can be ground in a coffee grinder to make them more palatable. If feeding raw, they must be fed fresh. If you want to store them for a few weeks, clean off the seeds and roast them in the oven. Grind them just before feeding.

🐔🐔 Pumpkin for Chickens:
Pumpkins are a nutritious treat for chickens. There is no need to prepare them – just chop the top off and the pumpkin is a ready made bowl of food. There is no need to grind the seeds, the chickens will eat those too. As with dogs, the pumpkin seeds are believed to act as a natural wormer. If your chickens love the taste, you could cook and freeze the flesh so you can feed it to them throughout the year.

🐴🐴 Pumpkin for Horses:
Horses will eat a pumpkin whole, seeds and all. Just throw one into the paddock or tie one up as a stable toy. Remember that your horse will not be used to eating pumpkin so keep it small.

🍪🍪Fancy a bit of baking?
You can use pureed pumpkin flesh to make biscuit treats for both dogs and horses. There are several recipes online.

With all animals, if you are using up a Halloween lantern, make sure there is no paint, pen or candle wax on it. It also needs to be fresh and good to eat – not rotten and mouldy after being on the doorstep for several days! 🎃

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Coming soon!
Our brand new Poultry Porridge 😄
We know how much you love your girls 🐔 so we’ve created the ultimate warming treat for winter ❄️
More details available soon 😄

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I just LOVE creating new products!
One of the things I always test first is palatability - you could create the greatest formula on earth, but if nobody will eat it, it’s not much good!
I think it’s fair to say… https://t.co/uKFeKj2SFX

We use preloved boxes for all our orders. They aren’t as pretty as posh branded ones but just as effective at protecting your order. All our bubble wrap, packing pillows & nuggets are reused too, and as of today we… https://t.co/pjbbgOL4VS

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