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mud fever, horses, muddy horse, rain scald, scratches
By hermione-manager / October 29, 2018

Mud Fever – Causes, Treatment & Prevention

There is no getting away from it – winter is coming and soon the mud will return. Here is all...

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brand ambassador
By hermione-manager / September 16, 2018

Could you be our Brand Ambassador?

The Little Feed Company is looking for a Brand Ambassador! To be considered please send your entry to us by...

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grit for chickens, oyster shell
By hermione-manager / August 10, 2018

Why do Chickens Need Grit?

Chickens need two different types of grit for two different reasons...     1.   Chickens need grit because they...

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By hermione-manager / June 27, 2018

Read the review of Skin Saver by The Fair Weather Rider…

SKIN SAVER BY THE LITTLE FEED COMPANY jenniferDuhig June 26, 2018 No comments Sweet itch, allergies, whatever it is –...

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