Does cold weather make your dog’s joints worse?

dog's joints, glucosamine for dogs

Many people complain that their arthritic joints flare up during cold and wet weather, so the same could be true for our dog’s joints.

There have been many studies looking at weather changes and arthritic pain but a connection between the two isn’t clear. Some scientists believe that it is a drop in barometric pressure, rather than the weather itself, that affects the joints. It could be that the lowering in pressure causes the tendons and ligaments to contract, or that colder temperatures cause the synovial fluid between the joints to thicken. It could also be that as humans (and often dogs) tend to be less active in cold wet weather, that the lack of exercise allows the joints to stiffen up and feel more painful. 

Whatever the reasons, many human arthritis sufferers claim that their joints feel worse in winter. We should be mindful that the same could apply to our dog’s joints. Maintaining regular exercise and allowing your dog to warm up gently before zooming around will help. 

Feeding a joint supplement like Bounce will also benefit your dog’s joints. Bounce contains MSM which is a natural anti-inflammatory and can therefore improve your dog’s comfort. It also contains Boswellia, along with glucosamine and chondroitin to support the cartilage and joint fluid. Bounce is a liquid supplement which you can add to your dog’s usual food.