Keeping Dogs Active

We’ve carefully balanced our natural ingredients to support healthy joints and flexibility

Key Points

  • Contains the key ingredients for healthy joints and mobility
  • Veterinary Strength
  • Palatable liquid – just add to feed
  • Top quality, human- grade ingredients




Bounce – Keeping Dogs Active

What is it?

Bounce is a veterinary strength, liquid feed supplement for dogs to support healthy joints and cartilage. We’ve combined five key ingredients (MSM, Glucosamine, Chondroitin, Hyaluronic Acid and Boswellia) with other supportive ingredients to give your dog total joint support. We believe that it is one of the highest specification, non prescription products on the market. It provides your dog  with the building blocks of cartilage, supporting the body’s own natural anti-inflammatory systems, maintaining comfort and providing anti-oxidant support.

What is it for?

Dogs love to run and play, but all this activity can put pressure on their joints. If your dog is older and finding mobility more difficult, is working hard or has joint conditions associated with growth and development, Bounce contains the key ingredients to help put a spring back in his step.

How is it Made?

Bounce is carefully handmade in small batches to maintain quality and freshness.

We use pure, human-grade MSM and our Chondroitin Sulphate is at least 90% pure with low molecular weight to improve absorption. We use Glucosamine HCl as it offers the highest percentage of actual glucosamine and is sustainably sourced from shell fish and crustaceans.  Only top quality human-grade ingredients are used in Bounce so you can be sure you are feeding the very best to your dog.

Feeding Instructions

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250ml, 1lt