Hen-Pecked 250g


The nutritious henergy bar for chickens

Packed with seeds, cereals, dried fruit and nuts, our pecking bar is nutritious and highly hentertaining

Key Points:

  • Nutritious seeds, cereals dried fruit and nuts
  • Contains oyster shell and grit
  • Made in the UK
  • Nutritious treat for pet hens



What is it?

Hen Pecked is our delicious henergy pecking bar for hens.  Perfect for hentertaining your girls if they are feeling a little cooped-up. hook on a wire run, hang from string or feed from the ground.

What is it for?

Hen Pecked is the perfect treat for hens. As it takes much longer to eat than loose seeds in a bowl, It will  help to prevent boredom by keeping them busy for longer. It is packed with nutritious and tasty ingredients including sunflower seeds, raisins and peanuts, with added oyster shell and grit.

How is it Made?

Our Hen Pecked pecking bar for hens is made and packed in the UK under the highest feed assurance standards.  It contains kibbled maize, kibbled wheat, kibbled peas, sunflower hearts, red dari, raisins, black sunflower seeds, peanuts, oyster shell, flint grit, vegetable oil and edible binder.

Feeding Instructions

Hook on the run, hang from string or feed from the ground (hanging from string will help it to last longer!) Feed as a treat.

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