T.O.P Horse


TOP Horse – Turmeric for Horses 

Every batch is carefully handmade. We blend the ingredients with our locally sourced Devon apple cider vinegar for optimum freshness and a delicious flavour.

Key Points

  • High strength Turmeric, Black Pepper and Linseed Oil for an activated formula
  • Supports healthy skin
  • Helps maintain comfortable joints
  • Supports the immune system
  • A liquid supplement for horses



T.O.P Horse – Turmeric for Horses

Turmeric – Oil – Pepper

What is it?

T.O.P Horse is a carefully blended liquid turmeric for horses providing the three key ingredients Turmeric, Linseed Oil and Black Pepper for optimum bioavailability. It is ready to use & simple to feed.

What is it for?

Turmeric for horses is reputed to offer many health-maintaining properties. Turmeric is a useful addition to the diet, mainly to support the immune system, maintain healthy skin and maintain healthy joints. These actions are mainly due to its rich anti-oxidant content and ability to support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory mechanisms. Turmeric can be fed to all horses and is the ideal supplement for the older horse.

How is it Made?

Whole black peppercorns are freshly ground by hand into Devon apple cider vinegar to naturally preserve the volatile piperine content. This solution is then combined with top quality, approved turmeric and pure cold pressed, linseed oil to create an all-in-one palatable activated supplement. T.O.P. is a carefully balanced formula manufactured in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.


Feeding Instructions:

NB: If the liquid separates, shake well before feeding.

Introduce gradually and mix with a damp feed. If possible, divide the daily rate between feeds.

Horses: Start with 25 – 30ml per day, increasing the feeding rate after a couple of weeks if necessary. Feed up to a maximum of 50ml per day

Ponies: Start with15 – 20ml per day, Feed up to a maximum of 40ml per day.



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