Spring Starter Pack for Hens


Use code ‘springchicken’ to save £3.20 postage

  • Bundle pack including a 700g bag of Super Seeds,  a 750g of Gastro Grit and Hen Pecked bar
  • Perfect for small flocks
  • Use code ‘spring chicken’ to save £3.20 – postage
  • Palatable Gastro Grit your hens will love to eat
  • Delicious Super Seeds for a nutritional treat
  • Hen Pecked Henergy bar for enrichment


Our Spring Starter Pack is back and better than ever before! Use code ‘springchicken’ for Free Postage to UK Mainland. (£3.20 discount to cover postage charge)

What is it?

Our Spring Starter pack includes a 700g bag of Super Seeds,  a 750g bag of Gastro Grit, and our delicious henergy bar, Hen Pecked

If you have  not tried our products before or you only keep a few hens, this bundle pack is perfect for you.

What is it for?

Hens rely on grit to digest their food and they need a diet rich in calcium for producing strong egg shells and growing feathers. However ordinary grit and oyster shell mixes are pretty unpalatable, and if the hens don’t eat enough they won’t benefit from it. Gastro Grit is different. This mixture of tasty herbs, seeds and proteins are a gastronomic delight! Try this Bundle pack and see the difference for yourself.

Our Super Seeds have proved irresistible to hens. This tasty looking blend has an aniseed aroma and is perfect for taming your girls (helping you to get them to bed on time!) Our Super Seeds are rich in protein and great for adding condition. Perfect for newly rescued girls and others who deserve a tasty and nutritional treat.

Hen Pecked is our delicious pecking block, providing enrichment and hen-tertainment! A great distraction when adding new birds to your flock and perfect for reducing boredom. Hen Pecked is packed with nutritious seeds, fruit and oyster shell so it is good for them too.

Feeding Instructions:

Gastro Grit – Feed ad-lib in a separate feeder. This formula is very palatable and can be fed as required. Always ensure your hens have access to fresh drinking water at all times.

Super Seeds – Best fed in the afternoon as a nutritional treat. Feed approximately a tablespoon per bird.

Hen Pecked – hang up in your coop to prolong their entertainment

Product Size

This Bundle pack includes 1 x 700g Super Seeds and 1 x 750g Gastro Grit and 1 x 250g Hen Pecked.

Additional information

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