Skin Saver


Problem Skin Solved

Skin Saver, skin supplement for horses, uses natural ingredients to overcome environmental triggers and maintain healthy skin and coat condition throughout the year.

Key Points:

  • Skin Supplement for horses
  • Supports the body’s natural defences from the inside
  • Maintains healthy skin and coat throughout the year
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Contains Turmeric with natural antioxidants, MSM, and key nutrients for skin health.
  • Does not contain garlic
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Skin Supplement for Horses

What is it?

Skin Saver is a skin supplement for horses. It contains ingredients that support a healthy immune system to aid the body’s natural defences against environmental triggers, including flies, mud etc.  It also provides nutrients to nutritionally support healthy skin, most importantly MSM, Zinc and Turmeric. Skin Saver does not contain garlic. This is a natural supplement to add to your horse’s feed.

What is it for?

Problem skin rarely starts on the outside, which is why lotions and creams are unlikely to get to the root cause. How the body deals with environmental triggers  on the inside dictates how the skin will react to them.  The combination of nutritionally supporting the skin, while maintaining a healthy immune system, is the ideal approach for sensitive horses.  Skin Saver will help bring out your horse’s natural coat colour and encourage a rich gleam even for sensitive skinned horses.

Skin Saver skin supplement for horses is recommended for all horses with sensitive skin. Feed for itching triggered by flies or midges, skin lumps and blemishes, mud reactions and dry scurfy skin. By targeting the immune system, it is helping your horse to help himself.

How is it made?

Skin Saver is made in Devon in small batches to ensure quality and freshness. The carefully selected ingredients are mixed without adding heat or chemicals.

Feeding Instructions:

Introduce gradually and mix with a damp feed. A 60ml scoop contains approx 33g


Acute feeding rate – Feed 2 – 3 scoops per day (66 – 100g)

Maintenance rate – Feed 1 – 2 scoops per day (33 – 66g)


Acute feeding rate – Feed 2 scoops per day (approx 66g)

Maintenance rate – Feed 1 scoop per day (approx 33g)


Skin Saver is available in a 1.5kg biodegradable pouch, a 5kg bucket and 5kg refill.

Further Information: 

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Weight 1.55 kg

1.5kg no scoop, 1.5kg with scoop, 5kg with scoop, 5kg refill