Pure Devon Charcoal


Non-activated & natural charcoal

Pure Devon Charcoal supplement supports a healthy digestive system in all animals. Non activated for a more natural and gentle effect. Our Pure Devon Charcoal is made from wood sourced from Exmoor National Park and is hand made in a more environmentally friendly way

Key Points:

  • non activated for a mild and gentle action
  • charcoal supplement for horses, working dogs & poultry
  • reduces ammonia odours in animal housing
  • hand made from wood sourced on Exmoor
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Non-activated & Natural Charcoal Supplement

What is it?

Pure Devon Charcoal supplement can be fed to all animals. It is a natural and traditional feed supplement for supporting digestive health. Our charcoal is non-activated for a more natural and gentle effect, and is 100% pure with nothing else added.

What is it for?

Charcoal supplements are traditionally fed to support a healthy digestive system.

For Horses – Charcoal is used to support a healthy gut, particularly during periods of stress, a change of diet or when their history dictates. Loose droppings, crib biting, weight loss and tummy discomfort or all indicators of an unsettled gut.

For Working Dogs – charcoal is a popular supplement to help reduce body odour and flatulence. It has the effect of mopping up toxins in the gut and can make your dog a lot more pleasant to live with!

For Chickens –  Charcoal helps to mop up toxins, including ammonia, so it supports the health of your birds plus improves the environment within their coop. because of it’s very porous nature, hens that eat charcoal will also produce better quality fertilizer for your garden!

How is it made?

Pure Devon Charcoal is very unique, and a true artisan feed for animals. The wood used is only sourced from within Exmoor National Park. The charcoal is hand made using a Retort which produces a very high grade charcoal which is up to 75% greener and cleaner for the environment than traditional ring kilns. Most other charcoal feeds are made from coconut shells which have to be imported, adding food miles as well as pollution from more common production methods.

Pure Devon Charcoal is not activated, so it has a more natural and gentle effect on the digestive system, and may be fed on a longer term basis (months rather than weeks)

Packaging – Pure Devon charcoal is available in a bio-degradable pouch, or plastic pouch for the 1kg size.


Feeding Instructions:

A 20ml scoop contains approximately 6g

HORSES: Introduce gradually and mix with a damp feed.

14hh + feed 36 – 48g  (6 – 8 scoops) per day divided between feeds.

Ponies < 14hh – feed 18 – 36g (3 – 6 scoops) per day depending on size, divided between feeds.

For longer term use it may be possible to reduce the rate by half.


WORKING DOGS: introduce gradually and mix with damp food. Divide rate between meals.

Large dogs: 18 – 24g (3 – 4 scoops) per day

Medium dogs: 12 – 18g  (2 – 3 scoops) per day,

Small dogs: 6 – 12g per day

For longer term use it may be possible to reduce the rate by half



Add 6g per kg of feed, or mix with their grit so they can self select.


Ensure that all animals have fresh water available at all times

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