Flockdown Feast – Treat for Chickens


For enrichment and variety

£1 from every bag sold will be donated to the British Hen Welfare Trust

  • limited edition – when it’s gone its gone!
  • packed with tasty seeds and cereals
  • rich in sunflower seeds
  • with added Gastro Grit
  • use as a scratch mix to keep your birds entertained and reduce bullying while confined


What is it?

Flockdown Feast is our special limited edition treat for chickens to support your hens during the winter avian flu housing order. It is a high energy tasty blend of cereals and seeds with added Gastro Grit. This tasty treat is rich in protein, carbohydrates and natural oils with herbs and spices. Limited edition – when it’s gone it’s gone!


What is it for?

The avian flu housing order has meant that many hens who were normally free range are now living in confined quarters, some with no access to the outdoors at all.  The sudden change in lifestyle can lead to stress, bullying and general upset within your flock.  Adding variety to their diet with Flockdown Feast can help to distract your hens and keep them occupied while confined. The nutritious ingredients which are high in oils will also help to maintain condition during cold weather. The added Gastro Grit will support a healthy digestive system, providing your hens with the extra grit they would normally have found while free ranging.

A treat for chickens to be fed in the afternoon. Scattering on the ground as a scratch-mix will encourage foraging behaviour and add to their enrichment.


How is it Made?

Flockdown Feast is a hand-made limited edition treat for chickens. Cereal based but with a generous quantity of black oil sunflower seeds, sunflower hearts, red dari and raisins. Added Gastro Grit supports a healthy digestive system, boosts calcium levels and provides essential grit while your hens are confined to a small area.

Feeding Instructions:

Feed as a treat in the afternoon. Scatter on clean ground or use a feeder bowl. Allow approximately 1 tablespoon per hen per day (30g)


4kg packed in a resealable plastic pouch

Additional information

Weight 4.2 kg