Countrylix Gold 8kg


Turmeric Lick for Horses and all Grazing Stock

Our low sugar, non sticky mineral lick. The simplest way of feeding activated Turmeric to all grazing stock.

Key Points

  • Low sugar mineral lick rich in Turmeric
  • Turmeric, Linseed Oil and Black Pepper extract
  • Supports healthy skin, joints and the immune system
  • Non-sticky, low molasses formula (less than 10% molasses)
  • Rich in vitamins & minerals
  • Suitable for all grazing stock
  • Suitable for laminitics


Countrylix Gold – Turmeric for horses and all grazing stock in solid lick form.

Turmeric – Black Pepper – Linseed Oil

Our low sugar, non sticky mineral lick. The simplest way of feeding activated Turmeric for horses and all grazing stock.

What is it?

Turmeric for horses and other animals has become hugely popular. Countrylix Gold is the simplest way of supplementing  grazing stock with activated Turmeric. This unique low sugar mineral lick contains 5% turmeric and 5% linseed oil, with added black pepper extract to support absorption. Countrylix Gold also provides a useful range of vitamins and minerals. Suitable for horses, sheep, alpacas & cattle.  Remove the lid and give free access to your animals.

What is it for?

Turmeric is reputed to offer many health-maintaining properties. It is a useful addition to the diet, mainly to support the immune system, maintain healthy skin and maintain healthy joints. These actions are due to Turmeric’s rich anti-oxidant content and ability to support the body’s natural anti-inflammatory mechanisms. Countrylix Gold has been designed so that it can be fed to all grazing stock, so that activated Turmeric can be provided without the hassle of additional feed and supplements.

How is it Made?

We rely on natural minerals rather than molasses or chemical hardeners to manufacture our licks. In fact, they contain less than 10% molasses (compared to at least 30% in other licks) This unique manufacturing method has allowed us to combine the optimum 5% turmeric and 5% oil, which is a much higher oil level than you would expect to find in a solid lick.  We have also added black pepper extract to create a fully activated supplement.

8kg Bucket

Feeding Instructions

Remove the lid and allow your stock free access.

Expected Intake – 50 – 200g/head/day depending on size & type of animal.

Restrict access if consuming more than 300g/head/day

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