Coop Clear Powder 350g


Dusting Powder for Chicken Coops

An effective, 100% natural formula to deter infestations from chicken coops. Dilute with water before use

Key Points:

  • Contains a patented garlic extract which bugs and nasties hate
  • 100% natural
  • Uses Diatomaceous Earth as a natural carrier
  • Safe for hens and humans with no egg withdrawal
  • Plastic-free packaging with a re-usable shaker jar available separately


What is it?

Coop Clear Powder is a natural dusting powder for deterring infestations in your chicken coop. Unlike other powders which solely rely on diatomaceous earth (D E Powder), Coop Clear Powder contains a patented polysulphide extract of garlic.  This two pronged approach helps to keep your coop clear from unwanted pests and is a totally natural formula.

At The Little Feed Company we try to reduce our use of plastics as much as possible. We have therefore chosen to package our Coop Clear Powder in a biodegradable pouch. For ease of use, a reusable ‘shaker jar’ is available to purchase separately so you can sprinkle the powder around your coop more easily.

What is it for?

Coop Clear Powder is hated by the creepy crawlies which may be living in your coop and causing stress to your hens. It should be dusted liberally around your coop, particularly where they roost and sleep. In a small coop it can be dusted around the floor area, and in the corners underneath the bedding.   The powerful polysulphide extract, along with the DE powder will create an unpleasant environment for bugs and will deter them from setting up home.

How is it Made?

It took 20 years of research and development to perfect the manufacture of the   patented polysulphide extract that we use in Coop Clear.  This is the first time this compound has been made available to owners of pet chickens, and we can’t wait for you to see the results for yourselves!


Sprinkle liberally around the chicken coop. Best used when the chickens are outside. Avoid inhalation (the added ingredients make this less dusty than pure D E powder). For ease of use you can purchase a reusable shaker jar here. For best results, use in conjunction with Coop Clear Liquid Concentrate


350g packed in a biodegradable pouch

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Weight 0.4 kg

350g, with shaker