Coop Clear Bundle


Coop Clear Liquid & Powder Bundle

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Effective, 100% natural formulations to deter infestations from chicken coops. Use together for best results

Key Points:

  • Coop Clear Powder and Liquid with a reusable spray bottle and shaker jar
  • Contains a patented garlic extract which bugs and nasties hate
  • 100% natural
  • Safe for hens and humans with no egg withdrawal
  • Special offer bundle

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What is it?

This Bundle includes:

500ml bottle of Coop Clear Liquid Concentrate

350g pouch of Coop Clear Dusting Powder

A reusable 500ml spray bottle

A reusable shaker jar

Our Coop Clear products are 100% natural and safe for humans and chickens. The active ingredient is a unique and patented polysulphide extract of garlic to create an unwelcoming environment for bugs and to deter them from setting up home in your chicken coop.

What is it for?

Coop Clear  is hated by the creepy crawlies which may be living in your coop and causing stress to your hens. Use the Coop Clear Liquid to target the clusters and hard to reach cracks and crevices. Dust the powder under the bedding and in the nest boxes, paying particular attention to where your hens sleep.

How is it Made?

It took 20 years of research and development to perfect the manufacture of the   patented polysulphide extract that we use in Coop Clear.  This is the first time this compound has been made available to owners of pet chickens, and we can’t wait for you to see the results for yourselves!

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