Chirpy Chicken 500g


A nutrient rich power pack to give laying hens a natural boost. 100% British ingredients.

Key points:

  • A highly nutritious and tasty ‘topper’ to add to feed or treats
  • Feed for condition, plumage, general vitality and egg production
  • 100% British ingredients
  • Sprinkle on layers pellets to boost nutrients and encourage fussy eaters
  • Plastic free packaging with compostable scoop


What is it?

Chirpy Chicken is a granular supplement packed with natural protein and nutrients. We have selected the best quality hemp, seaweed and charcoal which are all produced in the UK. Chirpy Chicken offers highly concentrated nutrition which is tasty too.

What is it for?

Chirpy Chicken contains 3 key ingredients  which have been combined to support the overall health and fitness of your hens:

British Hemp Seed Meal – Hemp is rich in highly digestible protein and omega oils, and provides all the essential amino acids.  Protein is important for egg production, body condition and feather growth. Research has also shown that chickens fed omega 3 from hemp, will have more omega 3 in their eggs, so we benefit from it too! Our hemp seed meal is a bi-product of producing hemp hearts for human food. It contains both the heart and the shell, with around 30% oil and 30% protein.

British Seaweed Meal – (Scottish, Ascophyllum nodusom)  Seaweed is an excellent natural source of vitamins, trace elements and minerals. It is also rich in antioxidants for a healthy immune system. Feeding seaweed to chickens can help produce a richer coloured yolk.

British Charcoal – Charcoal is a great natural supplement for calming and soothing the digestive tract. It mops up excess acid and toxins and helps to ensure firm droppings and clean fluffy bloomers!

How is it Made?

We hand make our Chirpy Chicken in house to ensure quality and freshness. It is packed into one of our UK made compostable pouches and a compostable, sugar-cane based scoop is included making it entirely plastic free!

Feeding Instructions:

Feed approximately 20g (2 scoops) per kilo of feed. Try sprinkling onto layers pellets (dry or moistened with water)  to turn a boring meal into something much more exciting and tasty! Can also be added to corn and other treats to boost nutritional content.


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