Why is Cider Vinegar Good for Chickens?

cider vinegar for chickens, rescue hens, ex battery hens

If you keep chickens  you have probably read that Cider Vinegar is really good for them, but do you know why? 

For a healthy gut…

Cider vinegar is very acidic and may help lower the pH of the crop.  This helps to reduce the growth of harmful bacteria, a bit like a natural anti-septic or natural anti-biotic. 

Reducing worm burden…

Internal parasites don’t like the acid pH of cider vinegar, therefore feeding cider vinegar helps deter the worms from establishing in the gut.  (It should be remembered that Cider Vinegar is not a wormer, and your chickens will still benefit from routine wormer treatment. )

Combats stress – 

Stress can weaken a hen’s immune system. This is why the addition of cider vinegar for a few days following stress (such as a house move, sudden change in weather, fox attack etc) can just give them a boost when they need it most.

Nutrient rich –

Cider vinegar is rich in vitamins and trace elements and full of natural probiotics and enzymes for a healthy gut.  It helps their general health and vitality, thus encouraging a healthy plumage and regular egg laying. 

BUT Not all Cider Vinegar is Equal!!

Most cider vinegar in supermarkets is filtered and pasteurized. Other than the taste, it  isn’t going to give your girls much else.  It is important to choose an unfiltered cider vinegar ‘with the mother’ to get the health benefits. The mother is all the ugly looking gunk at the bottom of the bottle, but this is where all the goodness lies.  Created from apple residue and pectin, the mother is where all the beneficial, fermented material lies. 

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