Meet our Brand Ambassador – Charlie


1 – Tell us about you and where you live…

I am a student vet nurse, currently training at a busy 24 hour hospital in Surrey.

I live in a little village Surrey! 

I have a beautiful clever daughter, an ever growing stepson and wonderfully supportive husband – who used to be a carpenter so is very handy at building the chickens desires! 

I have a bouncy springer spaniel called Tilly and two cats, Pepper and a stray I brought home from work called Motley! 

2 – How many chickens do you have?

I have a rainbow flock of egg layers – getting more crème eggs as chicks from Dorset Diaries soon! 

I have a breeding set of lavender Pekin bantams 
I have a breeding set of silver laced pekins

I have lavender and silver laced eggs in my incubator currently!! 

3 – How did you get into keeping chickens?

My parents bought my first 6 chickens for my 11th birthday as a way for my sister and I to earn pocket money by selling the eggs! Little did they know what that would become! 

4- Any tips for someone thinking of keeping chickens for the first time?

Always build your chicken house and enclosure bigger than you think you need as chicken maths in inevitable!!

Build your enclosure as secure from foxes and predators as you possibly can, invest in thicker mesh. 

Build your enclosure so that you can safely and easily care for your hens over flockdown as they will need to be secured for at least 5 months a year. 

5 – What is your favourite breed and why?

I absolutely love bantams, especially Pekins!  What they lack in size they more than make up for in personality! 

6 – Where can we find you on Social Media?

I started the chickens social media page so that my poor family would stop being inundated with constant chicken photos and videos! But then I started to meet wonderful like minded people with whom I shared a joint interest. I learnt from them and grew! 

You can follow me on Instagram @eggs_and_fluff and on facebook Eggs and Fluff