Is Turmeric Good for Dogs?

is turmeric good for dogs

Turmeric may seem an unusual ingredient to add to your dog’s diet. But, there is growing evidence that it has many health benefits. 

So, Is turmeric good for dogs?

Turmeric has two key actions, and these are the reasons why it has become such a popular choice.  Turmeric is both anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant which means it can support the body through virtually every common health challenge. 

Chronic inflammation is common in many conditions. Joint stiffness and arthritis are the most well known, but inflammation is also apparent during many other conditions, including allergies and a sensitive gut. By helping to reduce inflammation there will also be a reduction in pain.

Anti-oxidants support the immune system, helping the body to flush out toxins. As your dog gets older the effects of oxidative damage start to add up, which is why the body ages. Turmeric is therefore a particularly good supplement for older dogs. 

For your dog to benefit from Turmeric it needs to be fed with oil and pepper. Turmeric is difficult to absorb but feeding it with oil helps to improve this. Black pepper is also known to enhance the absorption of turmeric. This is why our TOP Dog includes linseed oil and ground black pepper, so your dog can get the greatest benefit. 

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Modelled by Barney. Photo by Sophie Callahan