Could you be our Brand Ambassador?

brand ambassador

The Little Feed Company is looking for a Brand Ambassador! To be considered please send your entry to us by Friday 5th October.

The Ambassador will:

  • Be over 16
  • Live in mainland UK (South West England would be an advantage but not essential)
  • Compete with either horses or dogs at an affiliated / regional level
  • Be able to demonstrate that they can represent the company values of The Little Feed Company
  • Be heavily involved in their sport in their local area, either as a competitor and / or as atrainer.
  • Have a great presence on social media with good engagement with their followers. Perhaps their own blog or youtube channel.


The Little Feed Company Offers:

  • The Little Feed Company agrees to offer sponsorship to The Ambassador in the form of free products in return for promoting & supporting The Little Feed Company brand.
  • The Ambassador will be given a 6 month trial, and if successful this will be extended for a further 6 months.
  • The Little Feed Company will give their Ambassador products for use on their horses / dogs and other animals up to the value of £500  (at retail price) over a 12 month period.  This will be split into two, so £250 for the first 6 months, with £250 for the second 6 months should the trial be successful.
  • The Little Feed Company will provide The Ambassador with a few items of branded clothing & saddle cloths to be worn at events & training sessions when ever possible.


In return, The Ambassador will:

  • Promote The Little Feed Company brand on his social media streams
  • Wear branded clothing and saddle cloths at events & training sessions, when appropriate.
  • Provide latest results and any other news for The Little Feed Company to post on social media etc
  • Provide good quality copyright free images for The Little Feed Company to use.
  • Provide 1 or 2 blogs or vlogs for exclusive use by The Little Feed Company each month. Subject matter / topics to be discussed & agreed beforehand. Examples would be training tips, how to? articles, interviews, competition reports etc
  • Not accept any sponsorship / ambassordorship from any other company who may compete directly with The Little Feed Company (i.e no other supplement company) or promote another supplement company on his social media platforms.

How to Enter:

Send us an email, a letter or a message via facebook. Send us photos or videos and make your application stand out! Tell us where you are based and include links to your social media pages (if you have them) Contact us before October 5th to be considered.