Charcoal for Chickens

Charcoal for Chickens

If you have ever had a bonfire in your garden, you may have noticed your hens enjoying scratching, pecking & even dust-bathing at the site the next day. Like many animals, hens are naturally drawn to charcoal for the many benefits it provides.

Scientific research has proven the benefits of feeding charcoal for chickens to meat and laying birds. Feeding charcoal can increase growth rate, improve survival rate, increase egg weight and improve shell quality. 

We may not interested in how quickly our birds are ready for the table, or how many eggs they lay, but improving the health of our chickens is definitely is a priority! 

Why does Charcoal benefit chickens? 

Charcoal can help support a healthy digestion system. It helps to flush out toxins, reduce acidity, maintain the healthy microflora and possibly even help the fight against internal parasites. All these benefits allow your hens to get the most nutritional benefit from their feed and support their natural defences against infections. Maintaining a healthy gut is key to maintaining a healthy hen. 

Charcoal is more than just a food!

Charcoal is also great for dust baths. Try adding a couple of scoops to your girl’s favourite dust bath and it will adsorb excess preen oil and help to deter lice and bugs.

Another useful benefit of charcoal is its ability to reduce ammonia in the manure. This is beneficial for birds that are deep-littered because ammonia can affect their lungs and breathing. Also, reducing ammonia creates a better quality fertilizer for your garden. The added charcoal helps to encourage the natural microbes on your compost heap and in the soil. 

Charcoal is good for your hens’ health, their environment and your garden, so it’s a win -win! Try feeding a separate bowl of charcoal so your hens can self-select, as and when they want it. 

Our Pure Devon Charcoal is top quality, locally made and sustainable.